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Useful Information About The Binary Option Industry

Welcome to Binary Option Resource… Perhaps you are looking for a way to earn more money from the convenience of your home or maybe you just stumbled upon us while looking around on the internet. Either way it’s nice to see you here.

The purpose for this binary option resource is to provide you with useful information and allow you to see if binary options trading is a fit for you. It’s likely safe to say that almost everyone would like more money to stuff in the mattress for those rainy days or pay for special occasions or financial emergencies.

We know there are folks out there looking for a complete career change as well, looking for something that can significantly increase their earning power and bring a real chance for financial freedom.

We hope to encourage and inspire you to consider binary options for your money-making vehicle.

This website is dedicated to giving you a good understanding of this unique trading vehicle. It is a simple process, you will see what we mean as you go further along. With that said it also has its’ own rules, regulations and limitations. We will strive to make clear to you those things through this resource.

Binary options trading is a relative new comer to the scene. For the average retail trader it more or less only began in 2008. That was when the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved exchange online trading of these options. We have seen the appeal for this new trading opportunity rapidly expand on a global basis since that time.

Trade-Able Investment Instruments

Even though binary options had been in existence for several years before 2008, they were only available to the large institutions and high net worth individuals.

It was not until 2007, when the Options Clearing Commission suggested some adjustments be made to binary options trading which in turn would make them readily available to retail traders, average every-day folks like us. Soon after approval as “trade-able investment instruments” by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2008, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and the American Stock Exchange (ASE) began offering binary options for public trading.

The trading process of these newly approved binary option instruments was very difficult and complex for the retail trader. However the advent of two very significant factors caused a trading explosion:

  1. The widening of the types of options being made available to retail traders and major improvements in the specific software design of the trading platforms made trading much simpler.
  2. The second factor was introducing binary options to forex trading where they became extremely more popular then being in stock and futures trading only.

And today the diversity and flexibility in binary options trading continues to grow. To this, trading binary options has become somewhat of a global phenomenon with literally hundreds of brokers providing retail trading platforms to individuals in many countries around the world.

Binary Option Knowledge

Binary Option Resource connects with other sincere, dedicated individuals from around the globe deeply involved in binary options trading. We are constantly exchanging information, special knowledge and discoveries about this intriguing money making method.

Here in these pages we will provide you with useful information on:

  • the good brokers to choose from (unfortunately there’s bad ones out there you must avoid);
  • how to get good trading signals and trading systems that will fast track your earning potential and reduce risk;
  • insight into some of the strategies the very successful traders are using today.

We will be blogging about various topics related to binary options (and likely some unrelated topics) on a regular basis.

We hope you find the information and articles here at Binary Option Resource useful and encourage you to utilize our list of preferred brokers as well as the signal services, systems and strategies we recommend.